NEX Information

The 36 Networks of Expertise (NEX) are led by expert, passionate, and innovative kaiako and teachers from across the education sectors. They have a strong understanding of professional learning and development (PLD) needs and aim to develop, grow, and support peer to peer networks across Aotearoa New Zealand.

NEX provide just-in-time teaching, learning and assessment support through PLD, resources, and collaborative face to face and online opportunities. They also offer on-going advice and guidance to build capability and adaptive expertise for kaiako and teachers.

NEX provide support across a range of subject, interest, and learning areas, including for some NEX, the NCEA Change Programme and the implementation of the Aotearoa New Zealand's Histories curriculum.

What we do

We take professional development seriously

  • TRCC courses are

    Single sector or cross sector. Often residential. Between 3 and 5 days in length. Usually run in the school holidays. Place value on participants having the opportunity to network. Usually national but regional courses are considered also. Travel to TRCC courses is subsidized.

    Utilising external and internal expertise. Having voluntary attendance and ask teachers to engage in the process. Offering challenging discourse on current thinking. Offering the chance to take part in a community of learning. Integrating practice and theory with respect to pedagogical content knowledge, assessment and how students learn.

    They are for teachers, by teachers. They can be cross-sector. They offer a refreshing balance of practical and theoretical perspectives. We aim to develop nationwide education networks e.g. Ag/Hort teachers, Media teachers. We aim to develop leadership capacity within teaching communities.

Why connect to Networks of Expertise (NEX)?

Be part of a

  • Share and collaborate with your peers.
  • Connect with kaiako and teachers across different sectors.
  • Build and grow your network.
  • Belong to a group with shared objectives.

Professional Learning
and Development

  • Find relevant opportunities to develop.
  • Reach your professional goals.
  • Personalise your professional learning and development journey.
  • Enhance learning for your students.

Be part of a
support system

  • Take care of your well-being.
  • Share your expertise with others - inspire and be inspired!
  • Receive personalised support, guidance and advice from expert kaiako and teachers.

resources and events

  • Access lesson plans, exemplars, assessment tools, digital newsletters, and links to useful information.
  • Join events, conferences, workshops, webinars and more!
  • Access important pieces of research.

Be part of the

  • Inform those who can help you.
  • Consult with the people who advocate for your needs.
  • Help promote your subject or learning area.
  • Participate, advocate and be a voice for representation.

Stay on top of
industry news

  • Keep up to date with news in your subject or learning area.
  • Stay informed about educational changes, news and opportunities.
  • Be notified about what PLD is available.